ANA® is a registered trademark of Ecological World for Life

Ecological World for Life is a company focused on developing technological solutions to improve our planet’s environmental conditions. We currently patented a technology, registered under the trademark ANA®, to capture and transform carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxides (NOx).


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A new air for life

ANA® is a registered trademark of Ecological World for Life (EWL) comprising various applications for capture and utilization of carbon and other greenhouse gases, specifically NOx


ANA® does not require energy to operate, minimizing operational costs of industrial applications, and generates thermal energy that can be utilized for industrial processes.

Environmentally Safe

Unlike other Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies, the products obtained during the capture reaction are innocuous and in solid state, facilitating safe handling, thus avoiding risks to human health or the environment.


Installation and operational costs

ANA® offers the lowest CO2 capture cost developed to date. The cost of chemical converter used for the reaction is low relative to the value-added minerals produced. Also, the very high reaction speed allows to retrofit reactors in existing post-combustion flue gas systems.

Circular economy

ANA® transforms CO2 into value-added high-purity carbonates for various industrial applications, stimulating a circular economy, producing different carbonates tailored to specific market requirements.


Sustainable Development Goals

ANA® is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN agenda 2030, with special emphasis on Goals 3 and 13, and from these influencing the rest of SDGs

Another accomplishment achieved

A new scientific paper by the EWL team has been published under the title Sustainable and Negative Carbon Footprint Solid-Based NaOH Technology for CO2 Capture.

The American Chemical Society has recognized us and communicated the importance of this document. They state that it breaks the previously known schemes for the capture and use of CO2.


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