A very versatile technology

One of the advantages of ANA® technology is its versatility to be implemented in a variety of applications. Our CCU technology can be adapted to any source of emissions, from vehicular transportation to thermoelectric plants, as well as capture and transform CO2, NOx and particulate matter directly from the atmosphere (DAC).

ANA® for you

The pollution caused by particulate matter and NOx are the cause for over 7 million premature deaths annually according to the World Health Organization. A study published by the European Heart Journal (March 2019) estimates a reduction in life expectancy of 2.4 years in Germany, 2.8 years in Poland, and 1.6 years in France, while Bulgaria, Croatia, and Rumania are the countries with the largest reduction in life expectancy.

Furthermore, high CO2 concentrations (> 1000ppm) hinder mental concentration and learning in humans. This is a serious problem, especially in buildings with poor ventilation.

ANA® can be retrofitted into air handling units (on air-conditioning and ventilation systems) and portable air purifiers, capturing polluting gases and PM while generating energy savings by allowing to reduce the amount of external air required to dilute CO2 concentrations and the energy consumed acclimating such outdoor air.

ANA® for vehicular transport

Vehicular transport is known as one of the main causes for pollution and climate crisis. To-date, technologies to neutralize NOx emitted by vehicles have low effectiveness and do not capture CO2 emissions.

However, ANA® can neutralize up to 100% of NOX and CO2 emitted and can be installed in any vehicle, which allows to significantly reduce personal carbon footprints and urban area pollution problems.

ANA® allows to operate internal combustion engines with zero emissions and, since it can be retrofitted to existing vehicle gas exhaust systems, allows to extend the life of existing personal or city vehicles. This allows to meet the targets established by the European Union to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, at a much lower cost than replacing existing IC vehicles with electric vehicles, while continuing to utilize existing fuel supply infrastructure for freight trucks.

ANA® in the city

ANA® Air purification and CO2 capture urban towers can be installed to improve air quality in urban areas by removing particulate matter and neutralizing NOx, main polluting agents affecting human health. One urban tower with ANA® technology can capture over 30 tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent of 2.5 acres of fast-growth forest.

ANA® towers can also be retrofitted into exiting underground parking and vehicular tunnel exhaust systems, capturing pollutants and CO2 extracted from these areas.

ANA® for the industry

To reduce CO2 emissions, the European Union created the Emissions Trading System (ETS) in 2005. This system, governing over 12,000 industrial emitters in 30 countries, allows industrial emitters to purchase Emission Allowance Units at a trading value that has continued to increase reaching more than € 25 per ton in 2019. However, the system has not resulted in the reduction of emissions expected.

ANA® CCU technology can be retrofitted into existing industrial smokestacks and capture up to 100% of CO2 and NOx emissions at an economically viable capture cost due to the value-added carbonates produced and stimulating a circular economy with our CCU technology,  while generating considerable savings associated with GHG Allowance Unit costs.

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