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ECONOMÍA DE HOY: European research centers recognize the potential of ANA®️ as a CO2 capture technology with a negative carbon footprint

European research centers, including researchers from the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies (IMDEA) Energy, have recognized the potential of A New Air (ANA®️) as a CO2 capture technology with a negative carbon footprint. On the other hand, the American Chemical Society published a scientific article in which it is concluded that “this novel technology has […]

INTEREMPRESAS: ANA Industry, a technology to mitigate the causes of the climate crisis and facilitate sustainable development

The consequences of this global warming are manifesting all over the planet. More information.

Comunidad de Madrid: The Community of Madrid is interested in a new technology that improves air quality by capturing CO2

The Community of Madrid has recognised today a new technology, ANA (A New Air) an application developed by the company Ecological World for Life, which is capable of decarbonizing and purifying the air through the capture and transformation of CO2. More information.

El Confidencial: Eliminating 100% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions is possible and profitable

Venezuelan scientists from various disciplines have developed a technology in Spain to capture CO2, particulate matter and NOX from vehicular traffic, cities, industry and transport and convert it into reusable calcium carbonates. More information.

ABC: The technology that seeks to give a breath of fresh air to the planet

Over the last few years, different carbon capture technologies have been developed that face the eternal challenge of being both profitable and efficient. To try to square this complex equation, ANA has emerged, a technology to achieve a negative and «economically viable» carbon footprint, says Jorge Almarza, scientific director of EWL. This company, with a […]

Europlasma: A new Memorandum of Understanding to depollute

The pollution control specialist announces that its subsidiary, Field Intelligence Energy (FIE) has signed a partnership with Ecological World for Life (EWL) with a view to commercialize its technology in Latin America to capturing harmful gases contributing to the greenhouse effect (CO2, NOx). More information.

The Economist: Energy Transition

If the economist Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) had a vision of the world today, his theory of the collapse of society due to scarcity of resources would have some substantial changes. In 1798, Malthus argued that the exponential increase of the human population in the face of the linear growth of the resources for their subsistence […]

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