How does it do it?

ANA® is a carbon capture and utilization technology, which means it does not only capture greenhouse gases but also transform them into value-added products for industry, stimulating a circular economy from hydrocarbons combustion emissions.

ANA® technology operates inside a mechanical reactor using innocuous chemical converters highly selective to CO2 y NOx to capture 100% of these emissions (validated at the University of Applied Sciences of Berlin, Germany).  This is possible thanks to a patented physical chemical mineralization process. Once the reactor is installed, flue gases (or atmospheric air) pass thorough the reactor where NOx is neutralized and at the same time CO2 is transformed to high-purity value-added minerals with various industrial applications.

ANA® is classified by prestigious European institutions as the first economically viable family of carbon capture and utilization technologies with negative energy and carbon footprints because the capture and transformation process releases usable thermal energy and generates value-added minerals.

CCU: Carbon capture and utilization

The United Nations considers climate change as the “biggest threat to life, safety, and prosperity” and calls on all of us: Citizens, institutions, and governments to work together. We must control emissions and reduce the concentration of GHG in the atmosphere to revert the effects already caused on our environment and, to achieve this, we must permanently sequester CO2, capture PM, and neutralize NOx  from the air.

Fortunately, the solution for an effective CCU (Carbon Capture and Utilization) has arrived on time thanks to Ecological World for Life and its invention, ANA®. A technically and economically viable CCU technology that can be applied to both large industrial emitters, diffuse emitters (transportation), as well as for direct atmospheric capture (DAC).

Our Value Proposition

Energy Savings

ANA® does not require energy to operate, and releases heat during the reaction that can be used on industrial processes and, in some instances, converted to electricity.

Environmentally Safe

Both the chemical converters utilized, and carbonates produced during the CO2 capture reaction are innocuous and in solid state. This facilitates handling and transport without posing risks to the environment of human health.

Installation and operational costs

ANA® offers the lowest CO2 capture cost developed to date. The cost of chemical converter used for the reaction is low relative to the value-added minerals produced. Also, the very high reaction speed allows to retrofit reactors in existing post-combustion flue gas systems.

Circular Economy

ANA® transforms CO2 into value-added high-purity carbonates for various industrial applications, stimulating a circular economy, producing different carbonates tailored to specific market requirements.


ANA® is a carbon capture and utilization technology that produces high-purity carbonates. Depending on market needs, the chemical converter can be adjusted to produce a variety of carbonates, some shown in the illustration below with some of their main industrial uses:

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